What is

Code planet? 

Code Planet organizes one year-long applied sciences university courses that introduce students for careers within the gaming and coding industry. You will be prepared for diverse pool of jobs, such as game designer, game programmer, game producer, and many other programming jobs. Code Planet’s curriculum will teach you technical programming in a professional team setting. Since the gaming and programming industry faces a shortage of skilled workers, our students will have outstanding work prospects in Finland and in other countries. After successful completion of Code Planet’s program, you will be ready to work in the technology industry, be able to continue your studies at the prestigious Kajaani University of Applied Sciences through a selection interview or have your completed credits (university points) transferred or accredited in other universities and colleges. 


Code Planet’s curriculum consists of 60 university credits, which is the equivalent of first-year university studies. You will learn to work in a project-based team setting along with other students. Our curriculum covers the basics of graphic animation, different programming languages, game architecture, and professional communication skills. Our students will receive extensive career coaching and personal guidance along with their studies that will enable them to master their student potential. Throughout the year, Code Planet will provide you with access to gaming industry’s networking events for a chance to make highly valuable connections with the industry leaders. These events are voluntary. 

Code Planet is open for everyone, regardless of their educational background. However, in the beginning of the program, our students will be tested for sufficient basic understanding of the Finnish language and elementary mathematics. Keep in mind that Code Planet will provide personal guidance to every student’s specific needs, as crash courses, guidance counselors, and tutors who will be available for students throughout the program. You will be a full-time student; however, our digital learning environment will enable you to have a flexible schedule. For example, if you prefer to study during the weekends or during evenings, you will be able to do so. In addition, personal gaming and coding enthusiasm will be highly valuable for your studies in the Code Planet’s program. 

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The quality of Code Planet’s program is guaranteed by the 40-year experience of Valmennuskeskus, which is one of the leading private education companies in the Finnish education industry. Reserve your spot in our program today!


The Land of Opportunity is an Attitude.

"It means openness to new ideas, willingness to listen, enthusiasm to learn, desire to grow, and flexibility to change." 

- BJ Gallagher